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Everyone is worried about security these days, and why would anyone want to be an easy target? Raise your office security with High Security Locks installed by Frank security Locks . Our locks are cutting edge and provide and increased resistance to intruders. These type of locks can help to guard against lock bumping, picking and other types of forced entry as well. There are many different types of locks that will increase security for your office, and our locksmiths are highly trained in all of them. Contact us for a listing and our pricing for each of these security locks as well.

We remove broken keys!

With us you get plenty of options. We provide service during the day, evening, night, weekdays, weekend and even on national holidays. Providing broken key removal service is our primary job. We always perform the basic tasks in a most exceptional manner. It clearly tells a lot about the high standards we have set. We have supplied our technicians with the latest equipment which helps them remove the keys quickly. Locksmith Cambridge MA will be pleased to cater to you whenever you need.

Safes Unlocked By the Most Experienced locksmiths

Among all the security devices, the most expensive item is a safe. It is especially designed to protect valuable items such as documents, gems, jewelry, cash, antiques, etc. Your safe might not open even when applying the correct code. It can happen, but there is nothing to worry about. Just call us and hire our safe unlocking service. Mention the safe brand and model to our representative. Locksmith Cambridge MA takes care of safe related mechanical issues on a daily basis. Only the staff with maximum experience handles safe repairing tasks.

Transponder Keys can Protect Your Vehicle

Do you drive a sports car or truck? It doesn’t matter what you drive because we can ensure security for it as long as it’s a vehicle. What are we suggesting? Transponder keys are what we are talking about. A vehicle cannot be started without using the original transponder key once its ECU has been registered with the specific key. People all around the globe are using transponder keys for different vehicles. Locksmith Cambridge MA is looking forward to hearing from you. Your satisfaction is our goal when providing any service or product.