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24 Locksmith: The Lock Experts!

Frank Security Locks from Cambridge, MA provides great locksmiths for all your lockout emergencies! There is never any mishap when it comes to the service that they provide whether they are working on a manual or electronic lock. You can call any of their 24 locksmith as they work round the clock.

There are many different type of locks that their 24 emergency locksmith services is trained to handle; these include:

  • Deadbolt lock
  • Doorknob lock
  • Lock for safes
  • Smart lock
  • Electronic lock

With so many years of experience serving the citizens of Cambridge, MA they know exactly how to solve every problem associated with each of these locks. Give them a call the next time you have a locksmith emergency!

24 Locksmith No One Knows Safes Like Us!

Many people love to keep their valuable things inside their safes rather than any other place as they feel more comfortable that no one can get access to it easily. Safes are meant to give protection and keep your valuables secure; so the locks of the safes are designed in such a way that someone cannot easily guess the combination code and or manipulate the lock to make it open. However, in the event that you as the owner forgets the code; any 24 locksmiths from Frank Security Locks is more than equipped to assist you. They will open your safe without damaging it and also reset the code. They are knowledgeable about the various types of locks used to secure safes and these include:

Key locks:

These locks are for safes that are opened by using a manual key which may either be single or double bit. Other design utilizes a stem and a loose key bit; it should be noted that these keys are very long as the walls of the safes that they open tend to be very thick. Our 24 locksmith are capable of replacing any of these type of keys irrespective of their intricate design

Mechanical combination locks:

The design of these locks may be 3 or 4 wheel with the latter providing a higher level of security.  These locks have to be rotated from left to right to the correct preset combination code in order to release the locking mechanism thereby allowing the safe to open. When it comes to opening these safes providing the owner has forgotten the codes; our 24 locksmith is versed in dealing with this issue very easily due to their knowledge and experience

Electronic combination locks:

Essentially these utilize an electronic keypad to enter a predefined code which will release the locking mechanism and open the safe. Their power supply is generated by a rechargeable battery which is charged from the outside. These locks are very secure due to its high resistance to decoding with over a million possible combinations

Biometric lock:

These usually utilize a physical characteristic of the owner of the safe; such as fingerprints, eye or facial recognition in or to release the locking mechanism. These allow for fast and easy entry into your safe

Time lock:

These can only be opened at the present time with the correct code. They are equipped with a digital keypad as well as a timer and the safe will only unlock when the code is entered at the exact time that it was set for

Time delayed Combination lock:

It is possible to delay the time after the code is entered for the lock to open; thereby delaying any attempts at robbery and enabling a secondary security system such as a police alert to take effect


You can rely on the 24 locksmith from Frank Security Locks to reunite you with your valuables no matter what type of lock your safe has!

24 Locksmith For All Your Smart Lock And Electronic Lock Solutions!

With a swipe of your finger you can open your door or start your car with just a touch of your smartphone. All of us have come to rely on these conveniences in our busy lives. However, when these same smart locks malfunction; it can be extremely frustrating and potentially dangerous. However, don’t despair; our 24 locksmith Boston is trained and experienced in dealing with any smart lock and will have it working properly in no time! more about us

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