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Automotive Key Cutting – The Best Locksmith Company!

Frank Security Locks is a company that understands our customers’ needs when talking about locks and the safety of their home or business. That is why we take the best care when providing service. Our experts will give you fast and excellent service. They are knowledgeable about the latest lock models brands release and know the necessary techniques to provide you with the appropriate service. We provide service to residential, commercial, and automotive locks and keys. We offer service from installation, repair to locks from automotive key cutting and key duplicating.

A day’s car key duplicating and cutting is becoming more difficult as cars become more modern and brands start using a more keyless approach. Do not fret though as our company can give you the same services as a dealership but cheaper. Yes, we are that good! If you need automotive key cutting or any related assistance, do call us, we will assist you.

Automotive Key Cutting – 24/7 Service, Just For You

We know that sometimes the worst happens at the most inconvenient times. Maybe you would look for your children to school or go back from work after a late one. When getting to your car, you find that you don’t know where your car keys are or that they broke in the ignition. What are you going to do then? Leave your car there and wait until tomorrow? Please do not fall into despair. We have a way to help you. Our company provides a 24/7 emergency service. Our emergency service is for those kinds of situations where you need immediate assistance and can’t wait until tomorrow. We are sure to have what you need, whether an emergency or not.

Do you need automotive key cutting? Maybe a new ignition key? We can do all of that at our company! Our company vehicles are equipped to do everything! If the company vehicle doesn’t have the necessary equipment to deal with your current situation, we can do it at our store!

Automotive Key Cutting – Tips For Key Replacement To Avoid Emergency Situations

There are various types of keys, so check what type it is and make sure of what kind of key you have. Usually, there are three types of car keys. They are divided in the following way:

  • Smart or remote key fob
  • Switchblade or flip-style remotes
  • Mechanical keys (transponder or basic)

To avoid having to call for emergency service from our company we recommend the following, this will help you avoiding stress and a wrong moment:

  • Make sure to always have a replacement key at hand.
  • Check your car’s warranty, car insurance, or vehicle membership to check if they cover a lost car key replacement or provide partial reimbursement.
  • Most new car warranties cover key-related malfunctions.
  • It would be best if you had at least two key fobs programmed.
  • When choosing a key fob, check if it can be programmed by you, the customer, or if it needs a locksmith or dealership to help you.
  • When dealing with car five years old or more, we highly recommend checking with our company to see the price of our key fob programming or key cutting service as it will surely be cheaper than the dealership.

Automotive Key Cutting – Are You Thinking Of Getting In Contact With Us?

We know how important your home, business, and vehicle are for you, our customer. That is why when needing help from a locksmith, you should call us. Instead of having service from companies that will provide half-hearted service, why not contact us instead? We will give you the best service experience in the industry you could hope for! We have been part of this community and industry for years and have always strived to be the best and set new standards for our employees and competitors. So, if you are searching for “locksmith service near me” and don’t know who to choose, we encourage you to pick us! Locksmith Boston will make sure to assist you to the best of our capabilities.

If you are unsure whether our company provides service at your location, we would kindly ask you to check the “locksmith service near me” section on our webpage. There you will be able to find all the necessary information about where our locksmith professionals can reach you. Please contact us and get a service that will be well worth your money and time! Our employees will be more than happy to take your call or answer your email with any questions you may have. We are confident you will be glad when our job is finally done. Frank Security Locks hopes to hear from you soon!

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