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Car key chip is a growing menace. It’s so widespread that car companies themselves have recognized the threat and started offering anti-theft measures to combat it. With a car key duplication chip, you’ll be able to start your car without using the original key. You’ll need to borrow the original from someone else instead. And since they can’t lend out their original keys, they won’t be able to use their own cars as well. Car security services like Frank Security Locks in Cambridge, MA are here to help! With our safe services, you can get rid of those duplicated keys forever and keep your valuable possessions safe and secure in your home or office. To get started with one of our affordable rates for car lockouts, call us today!

How Does a Car Key Chip Work?

The key fob generates an electric field, or “signal,” transmitted to the key. Chip in the key interrupts to the car, thereby disabling the key’s traditional functions and enabling the car’s electronic functions. This kind of key also has two electronic locks, which are both unlocked by the key and the chip. Because the chip and key both transmit and receive signals, they work only within a certain distance. Generally, the key transmits its signal while the car receives the signal from the key, allowing the car to open. This can be as close as a few inches. In a study of more than 600 consumers, the research found that 26% of people said they mislaid their car keys more than once a month.

Signs of a Car Key Chip Replacement!

No Sound When the Key Is Shown in The Door Lock – When you put your key into the ignition. You should hear a sound like the one your car normally makes when you turn the key. This means that the chip keys can run car’s electric system.

The Key Fob No Longer Works – If your key doesn’t work when you try to open the door with it, or if you can’t turn the key all the way with the button on the key. After that you can disable chip keys.

The Door Is Unlocked – When using another key to open your door, it should not unlock the door itself, but the mechanism that holds it open. This is because the new key can unlock the car’s electronics, allowing anyone who has the key to open the car.

The Key Receiver Does Not Work – If you put the key into a keyhole and turn the key once, the key’s electric system should turn on the lock and open the door. However, this doesn’t happen in all cases, which means the key’s chip might be disabling the lock’s electric function.

Chip Key: How to Reset a Chip Key?

If someone has stolen your chip keys and they are able to find a chip resetting shop, they should be able to get your key working again. This can happen if the thief has your key and gains access to the chip-resetting machine with your key. People who can look at the chip on your key should know how to reset it. Generally, if you have a key with a chip, you can reset it simply by turning the key back to an undamaged position. It’s important to understand that the car key chip isn’t damaged; it’s just disabled. Once you reset the key, it will work again and disable your key’s chip the same way it did before.

Why Is It Important to Have Car Keys Programmed?

There are several good reasons why you should have your car key programmed. First, it can prevent theft. Thefts are more likely to occur when someone does not have a key to the car. Second, it can prevent damage or theft from occurring in your car. And lastly, you may want to have your car key programmed to speed up the time it takes to open your car door. One way to do this is to program the key to automatically open your car door. You can do it by programming the key to unlock your car with your phone, or by setting up an automatic lock on your car door.

Call Frank Security Locks in Cambridge, MA

Car key chip duplication is a serious threat, and it’s one that you can prevent by programming your car key and getting a chip reset or chip key replacement. If some stole your key or someone is trying to drive off with your car. You can call the police to have your car key reset and get it unlocked to make sure the vehicle doesn’t get stolen. You can call us at Frank Security Locks in Cambridge, MA to have us unlock your car for you. Moreover, you can also call our locksmith near me experts.

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