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Car Key Made – Created For You

We are a pioneering team in the field. We have many years of experience in handling the security of your car and having our clients’ car key made. Our Company bring to you something that goes above and beyond to ensure the safety of your car. With excellent professionals at your disposal, we believe you will receive the best attention there is. The most reliable, safe, and effective service for your cars is now available! Car key made is a highly qualified program focused on solving all your problems.

The high performance of our crews has been demonstrated, and hundreds of our customers are happy they have hired our services. If you have a problem with your car key or don’t feel safe with it and need a change, contact us! Let us show you why we are the best in the market and that our vast experience is not just marketing!

What Do We Offer

We offer you the latest technology in replacement car keys. Our professionals can deal with any car, making the car key made conveniently for each vehicle. Besides, we offer a personalized experience from our professionals to make you feel comfortable with them while they solve your key issues. As soon as we receive your call, a team will be formed to provide have your car key made. Car key made program seeks a balance between work speed and effectiveness that makes it unique and different from others. Also, at Frank Security Locks, we count on another outstanding service. We can now make special car chip key replacement that will provide double the security for your car.

Special car key undoubtedly revolutionized the market and are usually requested by our customers. Our professionals can install them so you will never have to worry again about the safety of your car and the proper functioning of the lock. We know you’ve been looking for this service for a long time, and now that you have the chance to experience it, you cannot let it go. Contact us now!

Fast Response

Within our most relevant aspects and the one that allows us to be the leaders in the field is our high capacity for action. Through our years in the market, we have perfected our working method to make sure we can be available to you at any time. Locksmith Boston MA covers the entire area of MA. Our professionals are ready to receive your call and get to work right away. Besides, since we are the best, nothing is impossible for us. Our professionals have the necessary tools to respond to any emergency that may occur, and the job will be done neatly. Car key made is a program based on excellence and has all sorts of benefits. A car key made conveniently for your car is a guarantee of safety for your day today.


You should know that we have some protocols due to the COVID-19 virus; for us to continue providing our quality care, we had to adapt to the measures dictated by the MA government. When working for Frank Security Locks, it is strictly mandatory to use masks and respect the preventive social distancing.

By following this protocol, we can ensure not only your safety but our team’s safety as well. In these times health became an extremely delicate matter, and our company takes this issue seriously. If you have any queries about our work, do not hesitate to call our offices so that we can clear all your doubts. If there is any breach of protocol, our team will take the necessary measures to ensure that it does not happen again.


Question: Can I hire your service from anywhere at any moment?

Answer: Yes, you can always count on us to help you out if you are within the limits of our working zone. We will give you the best attention you can expect to receive from an excellent company.

Question: Does the company work with all types of vehicles?

Answer: Yes, it works with absolutely all of them. Car key made program goes from small cars to vans, from trucks to motorcycles—any vehicle you can imagine.

Question: Are the phone lines open for a consultation?

Answer: Of course! This company believes good communication with our customers is fundamental. We are open to receive inquiries about us and our work at any time.

Do not wait any longer to make the call! The best solution for your car is here, and you cannot let getaway! Our team members are ready to help you out, you only need to call us!

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