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Do I Have To?

Let’s say you’re just passively considering getting your keys replaced. Maybe they’re ancient and rusty, or perhaps you haven’t seen them since last Wednesday. Perhaps you can put this on the backburner and watch that new Netflix show everyone’s talking about. Surely it can wait. Well, if you want to know, see if you can answer the following questions!

Do You Want To Get Robbed?

You’re pretty sure your car keys are somewhere around the house, but you’re not optimistic. That means that there’s a genuine chance they’re in a taxicab or on a street corner, just waiting for a criminal to grab them and steal your car. When you compare the cost of replacing your entire vehicle against some simple mobile car key replacement service, suddenly things seem very clear. And do you want to go down to the police station and try to get a disinterested detective to care about your case? Or do you want to call someone friendly and helpful to get this taken care of?

Do You Want To Be Unable To Start Your Car At Any Time?

Sure, your keys work fine now, but how long can that last? Lets suppose, what if your wife goes into labor and you need to get to the hospital right away? What if you’re kind of late for that important job interview? What if your daughter gets hurt at school and you need to get there right away? And what if that is the one time your keys break inside the ignition or don’t work? Well, you could call a car key programming service company at that exact moment, but that doesn’t come cheap.

Are You Ready To Spend Within Your Budget?

Getting emergency car key service means that the company can charge you whatever they want because you’re at their mercy. This also means that an impromptu call to most car key service companies will bring you the unpleasant surprise that service can be incredibly costly, especially when you need it right away.

Why Should I Trust You With Service For My Car Key?

We understand that it’s straightforward to get scammed in this modern age, which is why we’ll give you some reasons to consider us before opening another tab and googling ‘service for my car key’ within a few seconds.

Car Key Service, Lock Replacement, Upkeep, We Do It All!

Here at Frank Security Locks, our experts genuinely are jacks of all trade. Each of our employees can provide any service you can think of – rusty keys, half a key stuck in the ignition, locked out of your car on a Friday night because you forgot you left them in the backseat, you name it, and they’ve seen it! And this is all without mentioning that each of our experts are some of the kindest, warmest people in the world, ready to listen to your troubles and provide you with the best solutions available.

Car Key Service At A Price You Can Afford!

We do not charge much for simple car key service because we have something many other companies in the area don’t have- integrity. We believe in providing you with excellent service at a price that you can afford, and that includes getting you the options you need at a price point that won’t force you to skip out on birthdays and Christmas gifts. Because we know that sometimes, life gets tough, and you need people who can take care of you and get you back on your feet.

Are You Sure You Can Get To Me?

Sure we can! We understand that searching ‘car key near me’ or ‘anything near me’ can be very frustrating for those who feel like they live in the middle of nowhere. And you probably still think I’m bluffing and saying to yourself, ‘there’s no way there’s ‘car key near me’! Well, our experts are ready to prove you wrong! We can get there lightning-fast and take care of your problem quickly!

Why Get Car Key Replacement Done By Strangers When You Can Have It Done By Family?

Frank Security Locks is a family business, and each of our employees is a person ready to put you and your family’s comfort first, just as they should. These days, businesses don’t care about customer service, building solid relationships, or human connection at all. But at our company, we care about every one of our customers, and we believe in providing them with the service that they need, at a price that they can afford.

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