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Car Remote Key Replacement – Best In The Business

A smart electronic device that is used to get access to your car or any other advanced vehicle is called a car remote key. By using a car remote key, you don’t have to operate a physical key to get access to your car. These remote keys provide high security and convenience to car owners. It is very difficult to take care of your physical keys all the time to protect your vehicle from unauthorized access. The cars with an advanced security system are almost impossible to tamper with. The reason behind it is the remote key that is programmed with your car in such a way that no one can get access to your car until and unless he has the right remote key for it. But still, there are situations when you need car remote key replacement services.

Sometimes in haste or due to your carelessness, you lose your car remote keys. In such a situation, we recommend you not to panic and contact a professional car technician who can help you make another key to get back on the road. Do you think about an expert technician to contact? Well, Frank Security Locks can be the best option for you in Cambridge, MA. We have all the necessary tools and equipment to provide car key remote replacement services on the spot.

Car Remote Key Replacement – How Keys Are Made?

Traditionally, automotive keys use steel, brass, or a combination of nickel and brass for older vehicles, while newer vehicles use car key fob technology. When replacing a car key fob, the transmitter may need to be programmed with a specific combination. In that way, it can communicate with your vehicle. It is important to know that the process of programming a car key varies depending on the year, brand, and model of the vehicle.

A key duplicator machine is used to make standard keys. A specialized cutting tool lines up the original key with a specialized cutting tool to serve as a template for the new key. An alignment guide keeps both keys aligned by placing a blank key on the opposite side of the machine. It results in a duplicate key that matches the original perfectly. Because both keys are moved across the machine at the same time.

If you are looking for a remote car key copy service provider in Cambridge, MA, contact Frank Security Locks. We are offering car remote key replacement services for all types of remote keys like transponder keys, key fobs, tibbe keys, proximity key fobs, mechanical keys, etc. You can rely on our experienced and professional team whenever there is some issue with your remote car key.

Types Of Remote Keys Available On The Market – We Can Repair Them All

It’s usually a good idea to have a spare car key, regardless of the sort of key that your automobile utilizes. Given the number of automobile keys available, it can be useful to have a better awareness of the fundamental variations between the most popular types.

1. Conventional Keys

Older models typically have standard automobile keys, which don’t need specific encoding. They are often inexpensive to produce and can be made from a range of different key blanks.

2. Laser-Cut Keys

These automobile keys feature less deeply cut grooves and slightly thicker shanks than standard or normal keys. The transponder chips that are embedded into laser-cut keys by manufacturers must be programmed for a particular vehicle.

3. Key Fobs

Car key fobs are essential components of a key set in many contemporary vehicles. These car keys are the fundamental components of keyless entry systems since they have an inbuilt transmitter or remote.

If you need to repair any of the above-mentioned keys, then we are here to help you. At Frank Security Locks in Cambridge, MA, we have high-tech tools and equipment to repair all kinds of remote keys. It doesn’t matter which make and model you are using. We are experts at it. Due to our vast experience in the field, we are known to be the best choice when it comes to calling remote key replacement or repair services. We are also offering new car key reprogramming services. Contact our car locksmith experts to get the best services.

Frank Security Locks – We Are In Your Budget!

Automotive locksmith companies are charging high prices when customers need to repair or replace their remote car keys. But that is not the case with us. At our company, we are offering affordable car remote key replacement services whenever you contact us for remote keyless entry device repair or replacement services.

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