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Car Unlock Service- For When Times Are Tough

Frank Security Locks get the job done with no exceptions, at any time, any day of the week. Having access to your car is, for many, a daily necessity, and our business knows this. Have you ever locked the keys to your car and said to yourself, today is not my day? Well, let us make your day a little bit better by appearing at your location on short notice and solving your problem with best car unlock service.

Our fast employees get the job done in a matter of minutes arriving in our excellent tow trucks in case your engine isn’t running. Are you wondering about damage to your car from our car key service? No need to worry; we damage neither the window nor the door, leaving your vehicle as if nothing would have happened in the first place! It doesn’t matter if your car is old or new and equipped with the latest technology. We will still be able to obtain access for you. Although it is advised that with more recent cars, a visit to the dealership should be done to make sure the computer system isn’t without any errors. Another common car key problem is the loss of your key. If this occurs, we will replace it just within a few hours.

Car Unlock Service- Don’t stress!

Our quick and dependable machines make a car key replacement for you in a matter of minutes in case you lose your key or have any car key problem. This is, unfortunately, something that can happen to anyone. That is why it’s essential to know who to call once an issue of this nature has occurred – us! Guaranteeing arrival at your location in no time; our quick and rapid response time will have you back on track with your day with only a slight delay!

Unfortunately, if a child/newborn gets locked in the car, we recommend calling the fire department to obtain quicker access to one’s child and avoid further harm, although they tend to break the window.

Suppose a bystander comes across a dog locked in a car with no open windows. In that case, our vehicle unlocks services can be of complete assistance, so don’t hesitate to get in contact us, making sure the police are also present at the location. We take pride in taking care of the community. Every act counts! So, make sure to do the right one.

Car Unlock Service- The Best Service Around Town

Our car unlock service is unparalleled by any competitor. All the extra benefits the customer can enjoy, such as having a tow truck at our disposal, makes our company even more resourceful. Who knows how long your car has been without the engine running? We have no problem in assisting you to your local mechanic or buying your vehicle if you want to part ways.

Our machinery is excellent, being well maintained and staying up to date with regular services and government regulations, were ready to give you a helping hand! The one thing we ask from our customers is to be clear in what services they’re looking for so that our dispatcher can tell our workers precisely what to take to your location – the car key replacement takes time to load into the tow truck, be patient! Our one-of-a-kind staff can work under pressure and always get the job done with no issues, and that’s a promise!

Car Unlock Service- Want To Know About us ?

We are a small family-run business operating 364 days of the year, except Christmas day. Our boss started Frank Security Locks in the late 1970s, and he still works to this day! How is that for work ethic? We love our customers even though we don’t get to meet under the best circumstances.

Nonetheless, we will always greet you with a smile and friendliness while maintaining complete levels of professionalism. Now that you know a bit about us, we’d love to hear a bit of you! We never forget any face and love to stop for a chat! Our office is located off Route 72 in between the shopping center and petrol station.

Car Unlock Service- Terms And Conditions

Disclaimer: if you decide to order a new set of keys for your car, you need to present documents proving ownership. If these aren’t presented/found, there is nothing we can do to help you at that very moment. We can investigate and print a copy of the title to your car at an extra cost with a 3-week waiting period. The same conditions apply to the car unlock service.

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