Make Car Keys Locksmith At Your Service

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When you need a locksmith to make car keys look no further than Frank Security Locks in Cambridge, MA Misplacing your keys can be such a frustrating situation, being impossible to get back inside without them. It is extremely annoying when you often use your keys and need to access your home, and then you […]

Frank Security Locks is the one you should call to avoid any car lockout!

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For car owners in Cambridge, MA, the prospect of experiencing a car lockout is ever-present. No one is perfect, and we are prone to slip-ups or circumstances that can contribute to us getting locked out of our cars. That being said, there are several ways to reduce the likelihood of this happening. Prevention is better […]

Automotive Locksmith In Cambridge, MA – Masters Of Our Craft

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We’ve been in your place where you are  going out on a family trip or going out with your companions. Feeling shame, failing to remember your keys inside the vehicle or losing them, the instability that follows with the humiliation is best in class. We feel you since we’ve been there. With our automotive locksmith […]

Keys For Cars From The Knowledgeable Team

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When you are on the hunt for some new keys for cars, then you cannot look past Frank Security Locks Cambridge, MA, who specializes in keys for cars, and deals with many other jobs that entail keys such as: Broken key extractions Duplications Book lock keys Car lockouts Lost keys Malfunctioning transponders Car Key Replacement […]

Cut Car Keys – Who Can Help?

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A good question! If you are looking for a locksmith who can cut car keys, then you have landed in the right place. Frank Security Locks can be found in the Cambridge, MA area and are very experienced in what they do. There are some car keys that require specialized equipment from the cut car […]

Lost Car Keys – Can I Get A Replacement?

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Of course, you can; in fact, getting a replacement for your lost car keys from Frank Security Locks in Cambridge, MA is easy and stress-free. I Don’t Have A Spare Key, What Do I Do? That’s a good question with a simple answer, call a locksmith. Frank Security Locks in Cambridge, MA, can organize a […]

Lost My Car Keys – Can I Get Another?

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That is no problem at all. The team receives plenty of lost my car keys calls all the time, and they are ready to solve the problem. I’ve lost my car keys, what do I do now? When you find yourself whispering, damn, I’ve lost my car keys, call Frank Security Locks in Cambridge, MA, […]

Understanding Automotive Locksmiths

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Automotive locksmiths are locksmiths specializing in locksmithing solutions to automobiles; if you own a car, an automotive locksmith is your best friend. All automotive locksmiths are locksmiths, but not all locksmiths are automotive locksmiths; this means that you can find an automotive locksmith specializing in automotive locksmithing where they provide services like locksmith car keys […]

Getting Locked Out Of Your Vehicle

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If you’ve ever been locked out of your car, you’ll understand that it’s not a joyous event, and most people will do their best to try to avoid future recurrences. As much as we dislike getting locked out of our cars, we need to prepare because it can be life-threatening if you get locked out […]

Unlock Car – Within 20 Mins. Or Less!

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Finding out that you can’t unlock your car because of any number of reasons is not a pleasant experience. Usually, when this happens, there are essential things to do and places we want to get to, but now we can’t, and this can be frustrating. A lot of car lockouts are emergencies, and during an […]