Car Unlock Service- For When Times Are Tough

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Frank Security Locks get the job done with no exceptions, at any time, any day of the week. Having access to your car is, for many, a daily necessity, and our business knows this. Have you ever locked the keys to your car and said to yourself, today is not my day? Well, let us […]

Do I Have To?

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Let’s say you’re just passively considering getting your keys replaced. Maybe they’re ancient and rusty, or perhaps you haven’t seen them since last Wednesday. Perhaps you can put this on the backburner and watch that new Netflix show everyone’s talking about. Surely it can wait. Well, if you want to know, see if you can […]

Mobile Auto Locksmith – The Most Qualified

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Most of us do not think of a locksmith until the unexpected happens. Suddenly we find ourselves looking at our keys through the closed window of our car and thinking how careless we have been. Mobile auto locksmith functions as a rolling shop to do emergency work, such as the one described above. We have […]

Key Programming – Simplifying Things

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All modern car keys are coded or chip keys. They have a microchip called a “transponder” on top. These keys have the latest technological advances and serve to open and close the car and turn it on and contribute to the vehicle’s security system. But for these keys to work correctly and the signals they […]

Car Key Reprogramming – Order Now!

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Car key reprogramming has come to solve many of the problems you have been having with your chip key. Previously, there were ways to start a car without the need for a key, which was an advantage for the owner if he was absent-minded and lost it, but also a disadvantage if the lovers of […]

Car Key Programmer – Best Available!

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Car key programmer has become an essential service in recent times. Anyone who has a car with a transponder key will know what we are talking about and will certainly need a car key programmer at some point. Today, the key is part of a passive car security system or immobilizer system that allows you […]

Ignition Key Replacement – The Number One Replacement Service

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If you lose your car keys, you are likely to feel helpless and confused, especially if you do not have access to a replacement set. Requesting a replacement set from an auto dealer can be difficult and time-consuming. The fastest way to replace a lost ignition key is with the help of a locksmith. The […]

Ignition Key – Ignition In An Easy Way

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Turning something on takes a long process until it is fully ignited. First of all, there is the ignition key. Something simple and known by all, which has the mission to initiate the ignition process. When actuated, it activates the primary circuit connected directly to the battery. Allowing it to release the electricity it stores. […]

Chip Key Replacement – Meeting Your Expectations

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The best chip key replacement service is now at your fingertips—the best quality in the market to solve all your problems. Chip keys, the best in terms of ease and comfort, also need their replacements. Frank Security Locks offers you a complete replacement service. With professionals with the best skills to solve any problem and […]