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Chip Key – We Have What You Need

Frank Security Locks understands and knows what it’s like to get locked out of your home or car and getting stressed out because of it. That is why we are there for you in your times of need. Whether you need an chip key replacement or locksmith installation, we are ready to help you with anything and all. We are a company with years of experience and some of the most knowledgeable locksmiths in the whole industry.

We are more than prepared to offer you a service that you will not be able to find anywhere else. Our Company not only have some of the most expert locksmiths in the area, but we also work with the best brands in the whole industry. We even teach our customers some tips and tricks to avoid future lock or key damage. We teach our customers some DIY repairs to help them get some fixes and avoid additional costs. Though we teach some DIY repairs and maintenance tips and tricks to our customers, some repairs are better done by professionals, such as repairing a chip key.

Chip Key – What Is a Chip Key?

A chip key, also known as a transponder key, is a key that has a radio frequency identification chip inside the head of the key. These keys have become an industry standard for vehicles due to the rampant theft threat cars faced before. When a transponder key is inserted into the ignition with an immobilizer system, the car verifies the radio frequency of the chip and checks if it’s the same as the one programmed to the car. The ignition key will not turn the car on if the immobilizer system doesn’t recognize the key frequency.

Chip Key – What More Should You Know About Transponder Keys?

How much does it take to replace a transponder key? This might be one of the most asked questions to locksmiths in the industry. Getting a transponder key will be more expensive than a simple rekeying. Car dealerships, for example, charge more than locksmiths generally. You should check whether the locksmith or the dealership costs more or less than the other. Consider that to program a transponder key. You will need special equipment and skills. This means a professional will have to provide you with the complete service. This may be the cause of the dealership service being that expensive. You should check whether it includes it or not.

Having a car with a transponder key also comes with benefits. Cars will be way more secure than they were before. Locking your car will be next to impossible with a transponder key.

If you lock yourself out of your car, there are a few things you can do to try and unlock the car:

  • If your car has electric locks, you might try a straightened coat hanger to unlock the car. You can do this by straightening the small hook of the coat hanger end. Insert the hanger into the rubber side of the window (between the rubber and window). Aim for the electronic button to unlock it.
  • Some vehicles allow the driver to access through the trunk by moving the rear seats. If you have access to the box, this may be an excellent way to get in quickly.
  • Vehicles that have locks inside the door hand will require professional help.

However, we strongly recommend our customers to get in touch with us if they are left locked out of their car. We will shortly arrive and make sure you get in. When trying to open the car yourself, you may end up breaking something that might end up costing more than what our original service might have cost initially.

Chip Key – Do You Have Any Doubts Or Want To Get In Touch With Us?

If you ever need to contact us, please send us an email or call us! We will be more than happy to help you with any situations that may arise where you need to call a locksmith! Our locksmiths will provide you, our customers, with locksmith installation service of locks or auto key replacement. We are more than prepared to help you solve any of these issues, especially where a professional is needed, such as when you need to change the key to a car. If done by an amateur, they can break, and then a repair will not suffice. You will have to replace the key entirely.

If you desire to contact us, we highly encourage you to do so! Our employees at Frank Security Locks will be more than capable of answering any questions and doubts you may have. Hire us and get the best service in the whole city!

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