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Combination Lock And The Best Unlocking Option

The use of a combination lock can be found in a variety of places. Places such as on a bicycle chain, a gym or school locker, and a house or business safe.

Although all these are different combination locks, they all work and feature more or less the same. They have a dial with numbers that need to be turned specifically to the left and right to enter a combination. Once the correct combination is entered, the combination lock can be opened.

A combination padlock is easy to open, either by using the code or by force. However, a combination lock on a safe is more complex and many people misplace or forget the code.

When you find yourself in the situation of not having the combination code for your safe, you have two options. Either call a trusted locksmith such as Frank Security Locks to open your safe or try to open the safe yourself.

In this article, we discuss different ways for opening a combination lock on a safe and provide you with a few tips for things you can do to remember the combination.

Identifying Important Safe Details

Before you can open your safe, whether by yourself or with help, you need to identify a few important details about the safe you own.

Safe Details such as

  • Safe type such as a gun safe or water and fire-resistant safe
  • The locking mechanism the safe has such as a 3 or 4 digital combination lock
  • The make or brand of the safe you own
  • The serial number of the safe you want to open
  • Check if your safe has an override key as an alternative to the dial

Self Help Options

  • Lock Manipulation

This is a technique used to use the combination lock to puzzle out the correct combination. This is done.

  • By listening to the dial and the sound it makes while turning it
  • The dial is turned until all notches of the dial line up
  • Once lined up the bolt that locks the safe will slide through notches and the safe will open
  • Drill The Safe Open or repair lock

This is an option that is not advised by the safe experts as you can land up damaging the safe completely. But if you drill, you will need to find the exact area to drill a tiny hole beside the lock. This enables you can see the lock and move it into place so it will open.

Professional Help Option

If you prefer to go the professional help option, you have two options for opening the combination lock on your safe:

  • Contacting The Manufacturer Of Your Safe

This option may take longer to resolve your misplaced or forgotten the safe combination. If you have changed the combination since the purchase of the safe, they may not be able to help you open it.

If you have not changed the combination, you will need to provide the manufacturer with proof you are the owner before they can provide you with the combination.

  • Contact A Locksmith

Your next option and probably your best option to unlock the combination lock on your safe is to contact your local locksmith in Cambridge, MA, area. A professional locksmith such as Frank Security Locks.

You may ask why are they the best option

  • They have the best tools
  • The proper training for working with a combination lock
  • They also have a variety of methods of unlocking different safe types that will cause the least amount of damage to your safe.
  • They have the experience in opening many safe types from different brands

Safe Information To Supply To The Locksmith

You will also need to supply them with specific information about your safe. This will allow them to familiarize themselves with your particular safe before they arrive to help you open the combination lock. These details are

  • The brand
  • Model
  • Serial number if possible

Tips For Remembering The Combination

Remembering numbers is often difficult, especially if you don’t use those numbers often. Your choices are to remembering the combination is to write the number down or memorize it.

Writing The Number Down

If you choose to write the number down somewhere for the combination lock, follow these tips.

  • It is best to use a notebook or planner that you will keep and disguise the combination code. Write it as a date, value, calculation, or even as an appointment.
  • If you use a desk calendar to write the combination code in the month and day of your anniversary, birthday, or any date that is special to you.

Memorizing The Combination Number

The best way to memorize a number is to convert them into letters, then either make up a poem or rhyme with those letters.

Your best option to unlock the combination lock on your safe is to contact your local locksmith such as Frank Security Locks, Cambridge, MA. Their professional technician has all the proper tools to get the safe open.

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