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When you need someone to rekey your locks, install new padlocks or upgrade your company security system, we are the commercial locksmith Cambridge, MA to contact. We provide professional locksmith services to businesses of all sizes in the area. With over a decade in business, we have the know how to ensure that our customers are 100 percent satisfied with the work we do. Our Cambridge, MA Commercial Locksmith crew is honest, dependable and reliable, while our services are always fairly priced. And we also provide emergency lockout services, with our fully loaded van allowing for a 20 minute response to urgent requests at any time and we are Just around the corner!

Frank Security Locks – Why Request Commercial Locksmith Services in Cambridge, MA?

There are many reasons why a company may need to request Commercial Locksmith Services in Cambridge, MA. If your business in Cambridge MA requires new commercial door locks, calling a professional is a good way to get the job done. Our Commercial Locksmith Service in Cambridge, MA can also help you identify the appropriate security system for securing your property, and we can install an extra security lock on doors to rooms where you have valuable items or information. Our team also responds to emergency commercial lockouts, as we are able to arrive at your location in our van within 20 minutes.

Deal with Commercial Lockouts by Calling Our Cambridge Locksmith

You may imagine that such a situation will never happen in your business – that you have lost the keys to enter your business or a specific room. But it can happen to the best of us. The appropriate response to commercial lockouts is to contact a locksmith Cambridge for emergency assistance. We are the go-to Commercial Locksmith Cambridge, MA for lockouts, arriving within 20 minutes when you are facing a building lockout. Our commercial lockout experts can get your building or room opened up without needing to significantly damage the lock in question. We can also rekey your lock afterward – or replace it with a new one.

How to Install Secure Commercial Door Locks

When you open a business, securing your property will be a very critical concern. The best approach is to hire a commercial locksmith Cambridge, MA expert to get entirely new locks installed throughout your property. We are the best locksmith in the area for commercial services. We offer competitive rates on new lock installations, rekeying, lock replacements and security system installation. We can get heavy duty commercial door locks for rooms where you need extra protection, while we can also copy building keys, if you need to provide them to more than one person. We can even rekey your commercial door locks at 3am!

Secure Your Cambridge, MA Business with a High Security Lock

Have you experienced a break-in at your business? Or did you hear about one at a nearby location? The best way to secure your property is to have a High Security Lock installed by a professional locksmith. We provide locksmith commercial Cambridge, MA services to all businesses in the area. If you require a heavy duty padlock or a High Security Lock for the entrance of your business, we can complete the installation for you. Our professionals can also sit down with you and discuss the security options for your business, including the installation of cameras, sensors and other equipment.

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