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Deadbolt Locks

Locks are the life support of homes and businesses as they are the primary protection mechanism of most doors. Although there are different types of locks, the deadbolt lock, also referred to as deadlock or deadbolt, has proven to be one of the most secure of all the lock types.

The preference of deadbolt lock over other lock types by Cambridge residents, MA is not a coincidence; it’s because of the unique locking devices built into this lock type. Deadbolts are popular for their high resistance to force. This article is to give you an insight on why you should invest in a deadbolt lock.

Types Of Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks have proven to be the ideal choice when considered for residential spaces. However, this does not restrict deadbolt locks to just residential uses; as a matter of fact, they are an excellent option for businesses.

Furthermore, deadbolt locks also come in different types, and each style has its peculiarities. Therefore, we have compiled a list containing a few of the most popular types of deadbolt locks.

– Single Cylinder Deadbolt

The single-cylinder deadbolt lock is usually mounted inside the door and has a twist knob in the interior and key cylinder on the exterior of the door’s face.

– Double Cylinder Deadbolt

As with a single-cylinder deadbolt lock, this deadbolt type is also mounted internally; but in this case, locking and unlocking the door requires using the key. This is because the double cylinder deadbolt usually does not have a knob.

– Keyless Deadbolt

A keyless deadbolt lock does not require a key to work; in this case, the keyhole is replaced with a keypad for inputting your security code. This deadbolt lock type eliminates the possibilities of lost keys, and the access code can be changed; whenever you wish.

– Rim Deadbolt

One of the advantages of a rim deadbolt lock is that it locks automatically each time the door is closed; saving you the stress of locking every time manually. It also provides a greater security level.

Vertical Deadbolt

As in the case of a rim deadbolt lock, vertical deadlocks are bolted to the interior parts of doors; the main difference is that it is placed on top of the door, making it safe for families with children. In addition, vertical and rim deadlocks are popular among residents and businesses in Cambridge, MA.

– Mortise Deadbolt

It goes without saying that this is an old-style of a deadbolt lock. It is usually installed in a mortise pocket and cut in the door’s edge; making it more difficult to infiltrate. Despite this lock type’s strength, it can be problematic; the structure of the lock may sometimes weaken the structure of your high security door locks.

Why Should You Invest In A Deadbolt Lock In Cambridge, MA?

– Superior Protection

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), 60% of break-ins in the United States result from forced entry. This implies that burglars are more likely to try to force their way into your home; but investing in deadbolt locks adds an extra layer of security to your door and makes it more resistant to break-ins.

Compared to a typical spring lock, which operates through the action of a spring; a deadbolt lock is operated by turning the knob or key; thereby making a deadbolt lock the ideal choice for many.

– Affordable Protection

Adequate security does not necessarily have to be the most expensive as many people have been led to believe; on the contrary, adequate property protection should be affordable. Aside from being a better choice when securing your properties. The choices available in deadbolt locks can suit budgets as well as security requirements.

Therefore, contacting Frank Security Locks for your deadbolt lock purchase and installation is a choice you will never regret. Frank Security Locks is your best option when you need adequate security that won’t be too hard on your wallet.

– Built-In Durability

The design of deadbolts can provide protection for a very long term. This lock type is a product of hardened steel that extends to your door’s jamb; hence, offering the durability you need.

Frank Security Locks – Deadbolt Lock Service in Cambridge, MA

Many Cambridge residents prefer expertise in handling security issues and professionalism by Frank Security Locks. We, Frank Security Locks offer you the perfect blend of knowledgeability and affordability. You can find them online or call them on (617) 390-8983.

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