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Emergency Key Service For Home, Car, And Business

Keys for your car, home, or business are something we all use on a daily basis. We never stop to think that something can go wrong with such a small item at any time until we suddenly need an emergency key service.

Often key emergencies seem to occur at the most inconvenient time and when we least expect it. But when they do, we are extremely grateful for companies such as Frank Security Locks, who provides an emergency key service to the community in Cambridge, MA.

In this article, we discuss common issues with car, house, or business keys. The services included and how a locksmith can help solve your key issue.

Common Key Issues

Every type of key issue has been heard by professional locksmiths repeatedly. They know every key issue there is to know about, so you will not surprise them. They have undergone extensive training for the many different key types. So, they have knowledge of the problem, the causes of the problems, and how to solve each issue.

Whether the issue is with a car, house, or office key, these issues are common amongst the different key types, such as

  • 24 hour emergency locksmith
  • Car key is not working
  • Key is not turning in the lock
  • The key is stuck in the lock or in the ignition
  • Car, house, or office key has broken off in the lock
  • The key has been locked inside the car, house, or office
  • The key turns in the lock but will not unlock the door
  • Lost or stolen car, home, or office keys

Know The Type Of Service You Need

Having any of these issues with a key is frustrating, especially when it occurs at odd hours. However, when you call for an emergency key service, you need to know the type of service you need for the key you have an issue with.

As most locksmiths have experts that deal with key problems in each type of service. Knowing the service you need will ensure they send the right expert to help solve your key issue. These services are.

  • Automotive Service

When you need a car emergency key service, an automotive locksmith will come to your rescue. They are trained and have experience working with many different car key types such as.

  • Traditional car keys
  • Transponder keys
  • Key Fobs
  • Car door keys
  • Ignition keys

  • Residential Service

For a home emergency key service, residential locksmiths are experts on many different types of house keys for a variety of lock types. These keys include.

  • Front door
  • Back or side doors
  • Patio door keys
  • Security gate keys
  • Door keys
  • Window keys

  • Commercial Service

If you have an issue with the keys to your commercial building and you are in need of a business emergency key service urgently. A commercial locksmith will be sent to your premises to solve all your key-related issues in a short time.

The emergency key service they provide under each of these service types include:

  • Key replacement
  • Key duplication
  • Repairing key
  • Broken key extraction
  • Cut and program different car key types
  • Replace key fob batteries
  • 24 7 emergency locksmith

Why Call A Locksmith To Help With A Key Problem

A locksmith that provides an emergency key service is available every hour of a day or night. Whenever you have an issue with a key that prevents you from entering your home, car, or business, they will be willing to help. They have the skills, experience, and tools to solve your situation quickly.

The Expectation From A Professional Locksmith

After you make the call to Frank Security Locks Cambridge, MA, they will:

  • Send out the best technician for the type of emergency key service you need.
  • Arrive where you are within 20 minutes
  • Always be fully prepared with all the needed tools in a fully loaded van
  • Quickly access the situation
  • Get straight to work on solving your key troubles.

They are the most trusted locksmith in the Cambridge area, gained from providing an emergency key service for over a decade. Loved by the community for the quality services they provide at affordable prices.

When a member of their team creates a new key for your home, car, or business, you know you will receive a working key every time.

Keys are an important part of our everyday lives, so whenever there is an issue with a key, it can be frustrating. Take the time to discover the issue with the problem key. Know the type of service you need before calling for an emergency key service from the experts at Frank Security Locks Cambridge, MA.

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