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Emergency Lockout Service To Open Your Doors

Finding yourself in a situation where you cannot gain entry to your home, office, or a vehicle is not a great situation to be in. Some try to prevent it but unfortunately, a lockout still happens to the majority of us and it is the time when an emergency lockout service is needed.

When facing a lockout situation, the best thing for your stress levels is to remain calm the best you can. Being in a calm state of mind will help you think clearly about what the next step is for you to take. You will avoid doing things you will later regret; such as breaking a window, lock, or causing any other damages trying to get inside.

In this article, we discuss situations where you are likely to need an emergency lockout service. We also provide some details about what is involved in a lockout service and tips on how to avoid it.

Situations For A Lockout Service

  • A Car Lockout

If you have ever locked yourself out of your car, you are not alone. Many car owners accidentally lock their keys inside the vehicle and at a time they do not have access to a spare key. They leave the key in the ignition, drop them on the car seats before getting out, or lock them in the trunk.

Other causes of a car lockout can be because the keys to your car were stolen, you have lost them, or they broke somehow.

The best locksmiths who offer an emergency lockout service can meet you where your car is at that time to help unlock the door.

  • A Home Lockout

Another situation where you will need an emergency lockout service is when you lock yourself out of your home. This is becoming more and more a common occurrence as more pressure is placed on our daily schedules.

People are more in a hurry to go somewhere; they are more absent-minded. This causes them to lock the keys to their home inside the house, lose them or even have them stolen without realizing it until they arrive at home.

If you have not entrusted a Cambridge, MA, neighbor, family member, or hidden a spare key away somewhere. Your best option is to call for a 24 7 emergency locksmith service to help you get inside your home.

  • A Business Lockout

A business or workplace lockout is another situation where you will need an emergency lockout service.

Business lockouts occur more often than business owners would like. There are many situations where this might happen:

  • Misunderstandings of who had the keys last when locking up at the closing time
  • Business owners or employees leaving for home and closing the door with the keys still inside
  • Workers rushing out the building for an emergency evacuation drill or scare
  • Business keys lost, stolen, or damaged
  • Malfunctioning locks can be a cause of a lockout
  • Business safes are locked and the combination is forgotten.

What Does A Lockout Service Involve?

An 24-hour emergency locksmith service performed by a locksmith such as in the Frank Security Locks Cambridge, MA, area involves services such as:

  • Unlocking any car, home, or business door
  • Cut new keys
  • Duplicating all key types
  • Re-key door locks
  • Repair keys and locks
  • Change locks
  • Extract stuck or broken lock and ignition keys
  • Repair on jammed ignitions
  • Unlock or repair safes

The Frank Security Locks Cambridge, MA, has a professional emergency lockout service team that operates out a van that is fully equipped to handle any lockout emergency.

When facing a lockout emergency, if you call them, you only need to wait 20 minutes.  One of their skilled technicians will come to your location and help get you back inside your car, home, or business building.

Emergency service can unlock the door on the car, home, or business.  They can also replace lost keys, repair locks on the doors, and they can repair your car’s ignition locks.

Something To Remember When A Lockout Occurs

An emergency lockout service will provide you entry to your car, home, or business only if you can provide proof or show that you are may enter.

How To Prevent A Lockout?

  • Invest in reminder aids to pick up your house keys before you leave your home, office, and even your car
  • Train yourself to know where your keys are at all times, such as safely in a bag, your pocket, or even securely tied to your belt loop.
  • Leave a spare key for your home with a trusted person nearby
  • Invest in a key finder gadget
  • If none of these tips help, consider changing your locks to keyless locks.

Frank Security Locks Cambridge, MA, and locksmith Boston are the best emergency lockout service in the area. They will help you gain entry to your locked door, drawer, cabinet, or safe and save you on damages from breaking the lock or window.

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