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Emergency Locksmith Services You Can Depend On

In the first place, lock and key emergencies do not keep business hours and are the top reason why emergency locksmith services exist.

A lock can break on its own or intentionally at any time when used constantly. A key can be lost, stolen, break, or locked inside a house, car, or office building.

Often people in Cambridge, MA, are unsure of what are lock and key emergencies. They would like to know what emergency 24 locksmith services do locksmiths provide and which locksmiths can provide these services.

What Are Lock And Key Emergencies?

An emergency is needing help from someone urgently at any time during the day or night to ensure your safety. A lock and key emergency would include:

  • A lockout from your car, home, or place of employment
  • A broken or worn lock or key
  • Lost or stolen keys
  • A faulty lock that refuses to open or close
  • A key stuck or broken inside a door or ignition lock
  • Opening a locked safe whether or not you have the combination.

Services A Locksmith Provides In An Emergency

If you experience a lock or key emergency in the Cambridge, MA, area at any time, it is best to call a professional locksmith. A locksmith will provide you with emergency 24 7 locksmith services that fall under one of the following main service types.

  • Lockouts

Lockouts are a common situation to find yourself in. It is one of the most requested emergency locksmith services a locksmith provides. A lockout is when you cannot unlock the door of a building or item to gain entry, which would include:

  • A vehicle lockout
  • Home lockout
  • Workplace lockout
  • A desk drawer of filing cabinet lockout
  • A post box lockout
  • A home or business safe lockout
  • Damaged Or Lost Keys

Different key types are made to open different lock types or to start the engine on your car. If these keys are damaged or if they break in any way, they will not function properly.

People losing keys or keys being stolen are a common occurrence in today’s world. Whatever the reason is for having problems with your keys, it is important for your safety to have those keys replaced by emergency locksmith services.

Replacing a lost or damaged key to your home or workplace can be done by either replacing the lock or by having the lock rekeyed.

If the problem is with your car key, you would need a locksmith to provide you one of their emergency locksmith services. Their auto service technician will make a new key and program it for your type of car.

  • Perform Lock Repairs

Locks to your car, home, or workplace should function and perform at their best. Good functioning locks ensure the safety of you, your loved ones, co-workers, and your valuables.

If these locks show any signs of the following signs, you need to call for emergency locksmith services so a locksmith can perform repairs on the lock.

  • The keys will not turn the lock properly to open or lock the door
  • The key struggles to slide into the key slot
  • The lock feels loose inside
  • The lock has visible signs of damage or wear

If you leave a lock in a poor condition, your belongings, your safety, and the safety of others become jeopardized.

If you are having problems with an electronic lock, a locksmith can come and access it to solve the problem. Often the problem is caused by a low battery, and all it needs is a new battery to function properly again.

  • Replacing Locks That Can’t Be Repaired

When a lock is beyond repair, the best option you have is to replace the lock. Although there a variety of reasons for replacing a lock, the job is best for a locksmith that provides emergency locksmith services.

Some Reasons Could Be

  • A new home or business property
  • The locks are damaged and cannot be repaired
  • You have experienced a burglary
  • A person with a key has left or moved out
  • The key was lost or stolen
  • The locks are ancient
  • You need a locking system upgrade

When you request emergency locksmith services and they are going to replace the lock. It is also a good time to speak to the technician to upgrade the lock to a high-security lock.

Which Locksmith Can Provide Emergency Services

If you are looking for the best locksmith in the Cambridge, MA, area to provide you with emergency locksmith services, then you should call Frank Security Locks.

They have a vast amount of experience with being in business for over a decade. Their technicians will arrive to help you solve your emergency within 20-minute and they will have all the proper tools in their fully loaded van.

When facing a key and lock emergency, Contact us for emergency locksmith services from Frank Security Locks, Cambridge, MA, you can trust and rely on.

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