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The Intricacies Of Front Door Locks

Keeping our homes and businesses safe is an essential part of our lives, and it’s safe to assume that the majority of us have a front door that utilizes front door locks to restrict access. Today’s piece is focused on how you can efficiently protect your home and business with better front door locks.

Exterior Residential Doors

For the exterior doors in our homes, it’s always advisable to utilize ANSI Grade 1 or Grade 2 locks. For those of us that don’t know, ANSI grades help us better understand the strengths and capabilities of items, and Grade 1 or 2 locks are ideal for exterior doors in our homes.

Interior Residential Doors

When considering locks for our internal doors, grade 2 or 3 locks should work just fine because interior doors’ security needs are considerably different from our primary doors’ needs. It shouldn’t be hard to ascertain the ANSI ratings of varying lock types.

Exterior Commercial Doors

It is advisable to always utilize ANSI grade 1 locks on commercial front doors; please consider contacting a skilled locksmith to get help on how to secure the front door locks in your business. Commercial locksmiths will give you guidance on how to approach securing your business.

Interior Commercial Doors

Those of us with businesses understand that securing the doors within our business is crucial for securing external doors. It may make more sense to install lower ANSI grade door locks within your business premises, but you’ll never know until you contact a professional.

How Improved Front Door Locks Can Be Helpful

Here’s a quick story on how Fred, a young business owner in Cambridge, MA, was able to improve his business’ security without spending a fortune. In 2016, Fred’s company gained enough traction that he was able to move operations out of the apartment he shared with his partner to a suitable office space. After he made the move, something about the current state of the security in his new location didn’t sit right with him, so he decided to take matters into his own hands to transform his office space into one that he felt 100% comfortable in.

After weeks of research that involved scouring the web a lot and speaking to other business owners around him, he decided to contact a commercial locksmith to lead him on the journey towards improving the security within his business. Fred and his commercial locksmith worked together for weeks; they started with security consultancy where the locksmith surveyed the business premises and gave detailed advice on how to bridge the gap between where the company wants to be and where they currently are in terms of security. Today, Fred’s business is safer than it’s ever been, and he has his commercial locksmith on speed dial in case of emergencies.

Security And Profits

One thing that all successful enterprises throughout history understand is that an essential part of succeeding in business is keeping your business safe. Medieval merchants understood this, and that was why they approached blacksmiths to help them create mechanisms to lock their carriages and stores. Additionally, industrial revolution factory owners knew that their machines were only useful to them if they kept them safe. During the present day, business owners in and around Cambridge, MA, understand the importance of protecting their businesses.

There’s no denying that security has a considerable effect on the profitability of businesses around the world. Spending conservatively on the services of security experts such as locksmiths isn’t a good idea because business is about making profits, and profits may be hard to make if you’re continually getting ransacked by miscreants on a daily basis.

Frank Security Locks – Your One-Stop Shop For All Your Front Door Locks Needs In Cambridge, Ma

If your front door locks ever need replacing in and around Cambridge, MA, the ideal lock replacement service for you is Frank Security Locks. Frank Security Locks is an indigenous locksmithing service owned and operated by members of our community, and this locksmith service has been able to impact the lives of a plethora of residents in our city.

One satisfied customer of Frank Security Locks noted how quickly a locksmith was sent to help her when her front door locks suddenly stopped working, leaving her locked out of her home. For all your security lock needs, there is only one service for you, and that service is Frank Security Locks.

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