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Understanding the Essence of High Security Door Locks

The world we live in today is rapidly changing, and so are our security needs. In our homes and offices, the primary line of defense is often a door lock. But not just any lock, a high-security door lock. Let’s unpack what this means and how it can make a difference in your security.

What is a High-Security Door Lock?

High-security door locks aren’t your average locks. They’re designed with advanced features and mechanisms to provide unparalleled protection against break-ins. These locks are incredibly resistant to manipulation and forceful attacks, making them the go-to choice for those serious about security.

Why Choose High-Security Door Locks?

You might ask, why should I opt for high-security locks? They’re not the cheapest option available, after all. But remember, security is not something to be compromised. Your safety, and that of your loved ones or your precious business, is priceless. These locks offer peace of mind with their robust design and sophisticated key control systems, making unauthorized duplication near impossible.

What Are The Characteristics Of High Security Door Locks?

There are a variety of different locks and manufacturers that claim to be high security door locks. It is important to be able to know the difference between actual protection and security. A lock does not need to have all the characteristics listed below, but the more the better. You can also use this information to find ordinary manufacturers that excel in performance.  

Key Control

Owners of high security door locks do not want anyone with access to their keys to be able to make a copy without their knowledge. High security doors lock come with patented keyholes and keys. This makes the key duplication process a little more secure, either with limited access to key blanks or with authorization required to cut new keys. Each high security door lock may have their unique way to keep track of the number of keys and the duplicates being made.

Withstanding Drilling Attempts

A locksmith at Frank Security Locks in Cambridge, MA will only put a drill to a lock due to necessity. But criminals drill away at locks with a devil may care attitude. High security door locks have anti-drill protection at the set screws and the shear line. These areas of the lock are hardened with steel ball-bearings or other techniques to protect from drilling. The alarm goes off in some high security door locks if someone tries to drill it.

Resisting Hammering Attacks

The bolt of the deadbolt needs to be able to withstand as much force as possible. High security door locks have hardened steel bolts to withstand battering attacks against the door. Reinforced locks do not bend or snap easily. The main difference is that criminals will not be able to damage the deadbolt of a high security door lock that easily. Similarly, criminals will not be able to saw away the deadbolt of a high security door lock.

Tested And Certified

High security door locks are tested by industry-standard organizations. These organizations perform regulated experiments on these locks before certifying a certain lock. These certifying organizations conduct tests multiple times on a specific product to endorse a lock. The organizations that perform these tests have nothing to do financially with the manufacturer of the locks. The number of endorsements or certifications a certain lock has reflects the reliability of the lock under different circumstances.

Lock Cylinder Complexity

Try to analyze the complexity of the lock cylinder from the point of view of a criminal. For a criminal to successfully unlock the lock, they need to be able to understand the internal structure of the lock. A complex lock cylinder will be less prone for a criminal to be able to produce a bump key to the lock. The manufacturer has chosen a certain lock cylinder structure due to the intricacy involved in understanding the lock cylinder to try to pick it.

Time to Upgrade Your Security

If you’re yet to upgrade to high-security door locks, now might be the right time. These locks provide a level of security that regular locks can’t match. Though they may seem expensive upfront, the long-term security and peace of mind they provide are worth every penny.

Frank Security Locks: Your Trusted Partner in High-Security Door Lock Solutions

Here at Frank Security Locks in Cambridge, MA, we prioritize your security above all else. We provide top-of-the-line high-security door locks, designed to give you ultimate peace of mind. Our skilled team is always ready to guide you in making the right choice for your home or business.

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