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High Security Locks Increases Security

In the first place, if you are concerned about the level of security to your business in Cambridge, MA. You are probably thinking about updating your door locks to high security locks.

These lock types provide a higher level of security than the traditional lock, mainly because of the harder materials used in these locks and their unique design.

A high security lock can not only be mechanical but can also be electromagnetic, digital, or biometric. Its durability and resistance to damage give it a high security rating. These locks are usually a lot more expensive than your average door lock.

But are these locksmith change locks worth the price?

Are there any real benefits of installing high security locks?

These are some of the questions we address in this article. We discuss the features and benefits a high security lock can bring to your business.

Features Of A High Security Lock

High security locks are harder to manipulate or break mechanically. Lock owners must authorize key duplication. This improves key control. Locksmiths that provide and install these locks keep the details on record of the owner of each high security lock.

The features of these locks that protect your business doors from break-ins are

  • They are made from strong metal and have a heavy weight to them
  • Hardened steel bolts are used to withstand extreme force from a variety of objects
  • The lock cylinders are more complexed to avoid easy picking
  • A harden metal case, metal pins, or metal plates are used on the lock to avoid drilling

Benefits These Locks Can Offer Your Business

These high-level security locks enhance the protection of your business. They keep your property safe and secure

  • Restricted keyway is designed to give a business owner better key control. Duplicates of a high security lock key cannot be made by any key maker, only by the locksmith who supplied the lock and with the business owner’s consent
  • It is impossible to pick the lock with common household items as the mechanism corresponds with a specific pin.
  • Locksmiths can only open the lock with special tools.
  • Door locks cannot be removed with drills.
  • Key resetting when lost or stolen.
  • Remote monitoring for high-security locks. So, a message will be sent to the owner if someone tries to gain unauthorized entry or if the locks are tampered with.

There are many more benefits to upgrading the locks of your business to high security lock replacement including costing less in the long run.

Before You Consider The Best High Security Lock

  • Take into consideration your business location
  • Type of business you run
  • How many employees work on the premises?
  • The type of doors
  • Your security needs for your business
  • Business budget

With so many different high security locks on the market today, the choice of the best security locks can easily confuse any business owner. It is best to call a professional locksmith for advice and recommendations.

Call A Professional

A professional locksmith near me such as Frank Security Locks Cambridge, MA, will assess your property, give you suggestions and take care of the installation of the high security locks.

In addition, team members are certified and provide businesses of all sizes with honest and reliable services. They are experts in securing businesses with the best skills, technology, and over a decade of experience.

So, having high security locks installed by our commercial locksmiths will ensure they are installed correctly and function as intended.

Tips For Adding To Your Security System

When owning and running a business, keeping it safe should not only depend on high security lock. As a matter of fact, there are other measures you can put in place to add to your business security.

  • Add sufficient lighting to your property
  • Keep your business property grounds properly maintained
  • Set up a routine for locking doors and gates around the property
  • Encourage your employees to spot unusual activity in and around the office and to speak up
  • Consider upgrading to an access control system
  • Install security cameras around the property
  • Enforce a procedure for accompanying guests while inside

There is nothing more important than keeping your business safe and secure from intruders. So, hiring a locksmith Cambridge, MA, locksmith who offers commercial services to install high security locks like Frank Security Locks is a great way to secure your business. They will help you find the right security lock solution for your business and more.

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