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A modern car key is a chip key or coded. They have a microchip called a “transponder” on top. These keys have the latest technological advances and serve to open and close the car and turn it on and contribute to the vehicle’s security system. But for these keys to work correctly and the signals they send to the engine to be the correct ones for the car to start; the key must be programmed. That is why we offer key programming service—a complete key programming service in town.

The professionals at Frank Security Lock are specialists in key programming and know all the steps that need to be performed to perfection. They have the experience to program any key in any car and have the necessary knowledge to take care of these keys. As they are very complex keys, we do not recommend our customers to program the keys themselves; as it can bring us big problems in the future. Key programming can not only take care of programming your new key; but we can also reprogram your key in case it has been deprogrammed or damaged.

These new chip keys, being so complex, are prone to damage if not correctly cared for. They were designed to provide a greater convenience to the driver and serve their purpose perfectly. But for that, you must do perfect key programming before starting to use the key. To learn more about us, contact us now!

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Common Problems

These chip keys, as we have already mentioned, can cause problems. Although most of them fulfill their primary purpose, which is to provide comfort to the driver; they can sometimes fail us. The most common car key problem that can occur is the deprogramming of this key. The deprogramming of keys in cars is a common problem that is a bit annoying, not so much by the severity; but by the time this can take you. This deprogramming can occur for several reasons.

The 4 most common are chip expiration, key damage, exposure to extreme heat such as near a stove or scorching places, and when the key gets wet. This problem can be solved by going to a locksmith specialized in key programming. Thanks to the ability of our professionals, we will be able to solve this straightforwardly. However, we do not recommend doing this reprogramming on your own; because if you do not program it in the right way, the key may become unusable in the future.

In addition, locksmith Boston MA can also help you with any other of the more fundamental problems you may have; such as when keys break, get lost, wear out, or anything else you can imagine. So now you know, if you have this car key problem; don’t risk leaving the key unusable and contact our team that will assure you a well-done job. It is already widespread among drivers in the city to have our number handy to call us when something happens.

Car Key Replacement

Generally, we have at least two sets of keys for our car. If we lose one, we can continue using it with the spare. But many people forget to make a duplicate and find out when they lose the primary key. Confusion situations are the most frequent when it comes to losing your vehicle keys, although the reasons why you need a duplicate to go beyond this circumstance. Keys, due to use, can be damaged and fail to cause you to be unable to open your car; when you need it most.

Another reason to make a copy of your lost car keys is to use them in an emergency. Sometimes, especially when we are carrying out loading and unloading tasks in our vehicle; we can leave the keys inside it. In short, there are many reasons why we would need an ignition key replacement; but luckily for you, Frank Security Locks can help you when this happens. And not only do we offer you the best quality and the best car key replacement professionals; but we also want you always to be able to count on us. We never know when it will be the next time we need a key specialist, and that is why we are ready for you.

Like it or not, key problems can happen even at the most unexpected moments, and that is why it is essential to have a reliable service at hand that can help us when we need it most. There are already hundreds of customers who are grateful for our emergency service, and they show us day by day with their calls.

Locksmith Somerville is waiting for your call! The time to have a reliable car key service is now. I hope you contact us to know a little bit more about us!

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