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Keys For Cars From The Knowledgeable Team

When you are on the hunt for some new keys for cars, then you cannot look past Frank Security Locks

Cambridge, MA, who specializes in keys for cars, and deals with many other jobs that entail keys such as:

  • Broken key extractions
  • Duplications
  • Book lock keys
  • Car lockouts
  • Lost keys
  • Unlock car
  • Malfunctioning transponders

Car Key Replacement

When you have your keys for cars, then suddenly they are lost it can be frustrating and inconvenient. The team at Frank Security Locks can organize your keys for cars replacements. The knowledgeable team provides you with affordable keys for cars cutting and repairs around the Cambridge, MA area.

The keys for cars locksmiths work 24/7 with the equipment and tools to replace any sort of keys for whatever type of car that you have.

The Key Cutting Services From The Locksmith Include:

Standard– these are physical keys that are found on older vehicles. These are the easiest to replace

Transponder– this is a type of electronic chip in the head of your key. These were brought out in the 1990s and again are easy to replace.

Laser-cut– these keys are thicker than normal, basic keys, and have markings on their shank.

Switchblade– this is where the shank retracts back into the head of the key or fob

Proximity smart key– the high-end cars use this type of key, which automatically lock and unlock the doors when you are within a certain distance of the vehicle.

Why Should I Choose This Locksmith?

That’s a great question, and the keys for cars locksmith can explain why they are the best for the job. The team can repair or replace damaged, lost, or stolen keys for your work or home vehicle. Servicing all the Cambridge, MA area with their fully equipped van loaded with everything they need to deal with all types of keys for cars.

The team has modern computerized key programming and cutting equipment to service your keys for cars remotes. With effective security options, installations, and repairs, the team is ready to provide whatever you need. The company is at the core of the business and has the latest tools and technology to provide you with a service that is going to last.

Is There An Emergency Service For Problems That Occur With Keys?

The truth is, there is an emergency service for key problems and so much more. From car lockouts and broken transponder keys, we can help with it all. Your call will get through to a locksmith tradesman who is already out on the road, ready to solve your security problem. Most jobs can be completed the same day due to the workshop van having everything a locksmith needs, including locksmith car keys, shall you need a replacement.

Do I Need A Spare Key?

Most people don’t think twice about a spare key except when they need one. People tend to curse themselves for not having a spare set of keys when they are waiting for the locksmith to come with a replacement.

Having replacement keys means that you won’t need to call a locksmith if your current keys go missing or they are stolen.

I Have An Auto Key Lock Problem

If your lock is getting tighter or harder to turn, we often don’t hurry to get it fixed. “It’s still working”, we say and then forget about it until next time. Now yes, of course, the lock is still working, but when it isn’t working as best it should, it indicates a problem, which will most likely end in not being able to use the lock at all. Don’t wait until you are locked out and unable to use the lock. If you find the lock is hard to turn or loose, etc., then call Frank Security Locks so they can come and inspect your lock problem and find a solution to fix it before it gets too bad.

Fixing it now means you won’t be stranded and stuck in an awkward situation that could take hours to fix. While it can be tempting to fix the lock yourself, DIY attempts often end in more damage and fees. Even if the job seems to be easy, one wrong move and you could wreck the whole thing.

When you need a locksmith to handle your car’s security, you want someone local and someone that you know you can trust. Support the locals, and in return, you will get good quality, friendly service with a smile. Even if you just have a query, contact us and see what they can do for you.

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