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Lost My Car Keys – Can I Get Another?

That is no problem at all. The team receives plenty of lost my car keys calls all the time, and they are ready to solve the problem.

I’ve lost my car keys, what do I do now? When you find yourself whispering, damn, I’ve lost my car keys, call Frank Security Locks in Cambridge, MA, to help. The key making process has been improved with the direct consequences of upgrading technology. The process is still difficult though, as decades ago, the metal key would work to open the car doors; but not now with modern technology, if someone loses their car keys then a lost my car keys locksmith will need to be called to find a sufficient solution to the problem.

Firstly You Need To Recognize Which Type Of Key You Are Using. There Are Three Different Types:

The traditional car keys are the easiest and simple form that does not come with any electronic components. The transponder keys have electronics that talk to the car’s engine. The keyless remote is a remote that can operate the car. There are some models of cars where the manufacturers provide you with a key that has hybrid keyless entry. Knowing what type of key you have is important as it will help to determine the steps that need to be taken to gain a lost my car keys replacement.

Before you get in touch with your Cambridge, MA car locksmith from Frank Security Locks, ensure you have checked everywhere for your keys. There are many chances that you will end up finding the vehicle keys somewhere around your home or other location. Search everywhere before you go ahead and organize getting a replacement.

If you have looked in the usual locations and cannot find them, call the team to explain your lost my car keys problem, and the team will come out and open your car.

Most people think of car keys as a piece of metal, but they are more than that. Without your keys, you cannot gain access to your car, which unfortunately means you are not going anywhere.

Ensure You Get Spare Keys

When you are in the lost my car keys situation, you need to call upon Frank Security Locks in Cambridge, MA. Once you get the locksmith to organize a replacement for your lost my car keys problem; you can then always get them to get you a new set of duplicate keys, which will stop the problem from occurring once again.  When you get your spare keys, ensure you put them somewhere that you are going to remember because you don’t want to lose the current keys then struggle to find your spare set. Being unable to find your spare set can be just as frustrating and worrying.

Car Key Shells

The team who can solve the I lost my car keys problem are local to the area and even have solutions for broken key shells. If you find that your key shell has been broken, you need to get it replaced. This is the same if you have a blade damaged or worn out over time. The team will take off the old shell and add a new shell if the internals is all still working and in good order.

Integrated Remotes And Keys

The team offers an effective and fast cut and programming key service with its technology loaded equipment. The company has one of the largest ranges of vehicle keys that are well suited to most makes and models. Genuine factory keys are provided along with remotes with the option of a more affordable high-quality aftermarket remote and key. The flip key range is huge and available in many fun colors.

If you are in the lost my car keys problem and are just standing there stressed, ask yourself whom to call and why. The local community locksmith is the one to call. The team is powerful when it comes to getting the job done fast and without any hiccups.

Even if your car problem is not related to a lost set of keys; they can still assist with many problems such as:

  • Car ockout service
  • Car lock break-in repairs
  • Flat car remote battery
  • New chip keys
  • Duplicate car keys
  • Keyless entry

Regain access to your car again with the locksmith team who put their clients above all else to ensure a safe and secure job is carried out. Worry no more when you have a team by your side that truly cares about your car’s security.

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