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Security Door Locks For A Safe & Carefree Home Or Office

Security door locks are a vital element of home security. Choosing the right lock can be confusing particularly if you don’t understand the jargon. In this article, we explain the different types of locks and also what lock quality is.

Different Types Of  Security Door Locks

In the first place, Frank Security Locks in Cambridge, MA has the most extensive variety of Security door locks. Our automotive locksmith Cambridge services are top-notch. But before being able to identify different types of locks, it is important to understand the basic parts of a lock. The cylinder of a lock refers to the place where the key goes in. If you insert the wrong key in a cylinder and the pins inside the cylinder do not unlock the lock.

  • Single cylinder
  • Double cylinder
  • Doorknob lock
  • Lever handle lock
  • Deadbolt

There are different locks for different purposes.

Single Cylinder Lock

A single-cylinder lock opens with a key from the outside. On the inside, there is a turning thumb-knob. Unlike a multi-cylinder lock, this one has only one keyhole. This is not one of the most secure security door locks; because intruders can reach in somehow and turn the thumb-knob to open the door.

Double Cylinder Lock

Double-cylinder locks are security door locks similar to the single-cylinder lock with one key difference. Instead of the thumb-knob on the inside; the same key is used to unlock the lock from the inside. These are some of the most effective security door locks on glass doors and windows. This is because the intruder must have a key or needs to break the glass to get inside. The glass can be armed with an alarm.

Doorknob Lock

A doorknob lock is one of the most common locks on doors inside a home. A doorknob lock features a doorknob on both sides of the door. In terms of security door locks, these aren’t very secure. This is the reason why you will most often see them on bathroom doors. Eventually, everyone needs to be able to open that door from the outside.

Lever Handle Lock

A lever handle lock has a handle which will open the door. Taking groceries in the other hand, you can easily open these security door locks with one hand. A lever handle lock has a keyhole on both sides. Lever handle locks are often the target of torque attacks. Torque attacks involve excessive pressure on the handle to force the lock open. Some lever handle locks also have a clutch installed. This means that instead of applying pressure to the lock the handle will simply turn.

Deadbolt – Security Door Locks

Deadbolts come in three principal variations. The first is the single cylinder deadbolt which has a keyhole on the outside; a thumb turn on the inside. The second is a double cylinder deadbolt. The double cylinder deadbolt has a key cylinder on both sides and will not open unless you have the key. These security door locks can have serious implications in the event of an emergency. Lockable thumb turn is third one. It has a thumb turn on the inside with a key. The key can be used to lock the thumb turn in either position. Deadbolts are the most secure security door locks.

Making The Grade | Understanding Lock Quality – Security Door Locks

When you buy from Frank Security Locks in Cambridge, MA you will see a rating on every lock. The American National Standards Institute grading system for locks was developed in conjunction with the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA). National hardware manufacturers need to comply with and maintain certain standards to achieve these grades.

Grade 1

These are the best industry-standard locks. Grade 1 locks are manufactured to withstand one million open and close cycles. A grade 1 lock can withstand 10 blows with a 75 ft-lbf (foot per pound-force). When security is paramount, these locks are used.

Grade 2

These locks are good locks that are not the best. Grade 2 locks are manufactured to withstand 800,000 open and close cycles. A grade 2 lock can withstand 5 blows with a 75 ft-lbf (foot per pound-force). These locks are often used on the front door of houses and for commercial purposes.

Grade 3

This is the lowest standard of locks. Grade 3 locks are manufactured to withstand 800,000 open and close cycles. A grade 3 lock can only bear 2 blows with a 75 ft-lbf(foot per pound-force) before it gives. These locks are the locks that are usually used inside homes and living spaces.

At Frank Security Locks in Cambridge, MA we have locks from all different types of makers and grades. High quality security door locks come with instructions as well, if you are planning to install the locks by yourself.


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