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Unlock Car Door At An Instance

Nobody looks forward to being locked out of their vehicle, but the truth of the matter is that it can happen to the best of us leaving us stranded. Being locked out of your vehicle is frustrating and annoying; in order to save yourself useful time if you ever find yourself locked out of your car, we have compiled a list of proven methods to unlock car doors without using a key.Before diving into these methods, it is important to reiterate that having experts handle your auto lockout cases is always the best method. Over the years, Frank Security Locks has been the unlock car door locksmith of choice for residents of Cambridge, MA and we recommend that you contact them when you are locked out of your car or replacement car keys

Call Your Car Assistance Provider

Not everyone is subscribed to a car assistance provider; for those of us that are, distance could be a limitation as this method is ideal when you are within the service area of your car assistance provider.

Call A Locksmith

Without doubt, this method is one of the most effective methods as it isn’t hard to access the services of a locksmith in most places. This is why we urge you to contact Frank Security Locks; to unlock your car door if you are locked out of your car in and around Cambridge, MA. Frank Security Locks are preferred by many people; because their diligence and quality service assurance have made them popular in Cambridge, MA.

Use Professional Lock Picking Tools

While hiring a locksmith to do the job has proven to be the most effective method; the use of professional lock picking tools to unlock car door unaided cannot be overlooked. These tools may sometimes be expensive, and they are designed to fit numerous lock types making them reliable. However, a certain level of expertise may be required in using these tools.

Use A Strip Of Plastic

Your credit card which is made of plastic is a typical example of a strip of plastic that is easily accessible. However, this method may only work with cars equipped with pull-up locks; when using this method, take a piece of soft plastic and push the upper part of the door open with a wedge, slide the plastic tape in the car and try to catch the lock button of the door and pull it up. 

Use A Rod And A Screwdriver

One downside of this method is that it can cause significant damage to your vehicle; so we strongly advise you against following this path. To unlock car door using this method; first create a space with the screwdriver and then push the lock with the rod.

Use A Spatula

As with the plastic method, this method equally requires you to create a space at the upper part of your car door with a wedge; then lift the lock with the spatula or similar instrument.

Use A Coat Hanger

You might have come across this method a few times; especially in movies where a thin iron rod is used to unlock car door, keep in mind that this method works only with cars equipped with horizontal locks. Untwist and straighten the hanger then make a hook at one end, proceed to work the hooked end into the door; then twist the rod to grab the lock and pull to unlock the car door.

Use Your Shoelace

Aside from the fact that it is time consuming, the required tool is almost always handy; please keep in mind that this method may only work with doors using pull-up locking mechanisms.

Use A Balloon

For the purpose of this write-up, the use of balloons will be the last method to be discussed. This method only requires air to enter into the keyhole and trigger the lock, so you need to inflate a balloon and place it over the keyhole; then let the air escape. The air forcing its way out of the balloon will trigger the lock and can unlock car door.

Frank Security Locks – Fast And Secure Unlock Car Door Services

If you are ever locked out of your car around Cambridge, MA, we recommend you contact Frank Security Locks to help you with their car unlocking services. Frank Security Locks is preferred by a lot of residents and businesses in Cambridge, MA; due to their fast, secure, professional, and reliable car lockout service. You can contact find them online or call on (617) 390-8983.

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