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Locksmith Rekey Service Is An Excellent Option

Locks keep you and your valuables safe, but when there is an issue with the key to those locks, you need to change the lock or the key. This is when a locksmith rekey service becomes extremely helpful.

Locks come in many styles from many brands, replacing many locks in one go can be expensive and time-consuming. Instead of changing multiple locks for new locks, a quicker and easier solution would be to rekey the existing locks.

If you own a residential or commercial property that you rent out, it also makes sense to rekey the locks instead of changing them with new locks every time a tenant moves out.

There are many benefits to rekeying locks and only one major disadvantage. In this article, we discuss how a locksmith rekeys locks and things to consider before rekeying locks. We also provide some benefits and the disadvantage of rekeying locks.

How Rekeying A Lock Works?

Rekeying the locks on your home or business in Cambridge, MA, it is best done by a lock specialist such as Frank Security Locks.

Call for their locksmith rekey service, and they will arrive at your premises in a fully loaded van to perform the service.

The rekeying process is relatively simple for a locksmith, they will

  • Disassemble the locks
  • Rearrange the pins inside
  • Ensure the pins match the new key
  • Reassemble each high security locks

Once a locksmith rekey service has rearranged the pins to a new key, the previous key will no longer work in those locks.

The Disadvantage Of Rekeying Door Locks

  • Rekeying Does Not Enhance Security

Enhancing your security is done by upgrading the existing locks with more durable high-security locks. Although rekeying solves an immediate risk to your security if someone has a copy of the key. It does not increase your overall level of security because you are still using the same lock with a different key.

Benefits To Rekeying Door Locks

There are many benefits for a locksmith rekey service to perform the task of rekeying the locks of an entire house or business building. Some are.

  • Rekeying Is Cheaper Than Replacing Locks

Rekeying multiple locks in a home or business is a lot cheaper than installing new locks. To rekey a lock, a locksmith rekey service will swap out the pins in the lock cylinder. These key pins are cheap compared to the price of a new lock and key set.

  • Rekeying A Lock Takes A Lot Less Time

Rekeying a lock on a door only takes a professional locksmith, minutes to do. However, replacing an entire lock and key set requires the locksmith to first remove the existing lock before they can replace it with the new lock. This takes even the experts a lot longer than a couple of minutes to do.

·       Solves An Immediate Security Issue

If your door keys have gone missing, you have moved into a new building or someone has moved out with a copy of the entry door keys. Rekeying the locks solves an immediate security issue preventing an unauthorized person from entering.

  • You Feel More Secure

Once a locksmith rekey service has completed the job of rekeying the locks to your home or business, you will immediately feel more secure. There will be no need to worry about a stranger walking through the door unexpectedly.

·       An Option For A Master Key Setup

By rekeying, the locks to your doors immediately offer you a master key setup option. This means that you will have only one key which will open all the locks on the different doors.

·       There Is No Limit To Rekeying

If you need to rekey locks multiple times for one of many reasons, there is no limit to rekeying. It does not matter how many times or how frequently you need to rekey your locks.

Before Rekeying Locks

There are certain things you should consider before you choose a locksmith rekey service to rekey your locks. They are.

  • The Locks On The Doors Can Differ

Sometimes not all the locks on the different doors are the same design or brand. Rekeying locks to use one master key, all the locks need to be the same for them to be rekeyed to open with one key.

  • Locks Should Not Be Worn Or Damaged

You will not be able to rekey worn or damaged locks, these locks should be replaced. Before you call for a locksmith rekey service, make sure the locks you intend to rekey are in excellent condition.

  • The Existing Locks Age

If the existing locks are old and outdated, it would be best to replace them instead of rekeying them.

For a locksmith Cambridge, MA, quick and cheaper solution contact a locksmith rekey service such as Frank Security Locks. They are trained and have the experience to rekey almost every type of locking system.

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