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Cut Car Keys – Who Can Help?

A good question! If you are looking for a locksmith who can cut car keys, then you have landed in the right place. Frank Security Locks can be found in the Cambridge, MA area and are very experienced in what they do. There are some car keys that require specialized equipment from the cut car keys experts, such as transponder keys.
A transponder key has buttons, and inside is a chip that transmits to the engine’s control unit. A key that doesn’t have a chip or one that has a damaged chip will not start the car.
Often, a diagnostic machine will need to be plugged into the engine’s control unit to retrieve the key codes that are needed to cut car keys from scratch.

Have You Broken Your Key In The Door Lock Or Ignition?

Lucky for you, Frank Security Locks can help with that. There are special tools that are required to get a broken or damaged key out of a lock or ignition barrel without causing any damage to the locks. If the wrong tools are used; it can end up causing problems that result in needing a whole new lock installed. The good thing about the Cambridge, MA team is that if your key is completely broken; they can decode the keys to give you a new set of cut car keys. If the keys are worn or bent; it will have a stress fracture, which means that it can break at any time. Get yourself new keys now before you need to pay for a locksmiths 24/7 emergency care.

Replacing Keys

When it comes to replacing keys for your vehicle, it can prove to be a hard and stressful task. The model and make of your car will be used to help determine how to go about getting new cut car keys and what the price will be. There are so many types of keys, and certain ones will be cut differently and require different equipment.

At Frank Security Locks, the dedicated team is ready to cut car keys for you; whether you need modern ones or just a basic, typical key. They are always on top of the latest cut car keys technologies and ensuring they know the most available technologies; so you get the best security solution.

Assessing And Finding The Right Blank Key

The first step here that a locksmith needs to do is to work out the model, year, and make of the car. By using the specialized software and researching the vehicle information; the auto locksmith team can identify which key blank is needed to cut you a new key.

For Older Vehicles

If you have an older model keys for cars, the key can be made by using a special code; this can be put into the software, which will give the locksmith the cuts that need to be transferred into the key blank. If there is no key code available, the drivers’ side door lock is often stamped; if that fails to unlock car door, the auto locksmith can decode the lock in order to work out what cuts are needed for the new set. The cutting machines will cut keys to the code, meaning that the blank key is cut to the factory specifications that are provided within the keys’ code.

The locksmith that you chose should be trained to handle this part of the process and complete it accurately and professionally.

For Newer Vehicles

Most likely, the newer vehicles will have transponder keys. These types will have an inbuilt chip. When the key is placed into the ignition, the chip will deactivate the immobilizer, which will allow for the motor to start up. Without the correct chip, the key may turn in the ignition, but the car will not start.

Transponders Can Be Programmed In Two Different Ways:

Cloning the key- the key is produced with an exact copy of the cuts of the key, along with the data that is in the transponder chip.

Programming the key into the car- this is done with special equipment that is designed to program the keys into vehicles.

The locksmith that can cut car keys will identify the right method that is needed; whether it be cloning or programming.

The Testing

When the key has been cut to the code, and the chip has been programmed to the vehicle or been cloned; it will need to be tested to ensure everything is working correctly. This process doesn’t take long and will ensure there is a satisfied customer and locksmith. Due to locksmiths having the latest equipment and skills, the key normally works the first go.

For all car key concerns, talk to the Cambridge, MA team to get cut car keys or to get your malfunctioning one repaired.

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